March 25 to 31, 2020

November 3 to 10, 2020




3,200.00 USD

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One of our most special international workshops in the mountainous regions of Iceland. This workshop will consist of nature photography merging multiple very emblematic factors of each of the Icelandic regions.

Combination of sunrises and sunsets, along with elements such as rivers, lakes, mountains and of course icebergs wrapped in snow. This will make it possible to photograph all seasons of the year in one day! Also, we will make the expected shots of the Northern Lights, giving our photography the unique touch of this phenomenon in the northern regions of the European continent.


As a last element we will visit several waterfalls and among the most special places, we will make a session in the famous black beach of Diamond Beach with its gigantic ice structures.


In this first workshop, we will tour the southern and eastern part of the Island. We have a large part of the Cascades and Mountains of the Island. From Skogafoss, from the most famous waterfalls, to the imposing Stokksnes peninsula… Without a doubt known from Iceland. Here we also have the Ice caves ... A lot of material ...

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We will start by moving to the first 2 waterfalls, 2 of the best.



• 6 Nights of Lodging during the Workshop.
• Landscape Photography Course.
• Transfers during the workshop


• Airplanes, Flights to Iceland.
• No type of insurance.
• Foods
• Personal expenses

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It must be an interchangeable lens camera. Preferably a recent fully manual operation, regardless of whether it is low or intermediate range. Since we will use a wide range of camera functions, we recommend having sufficient prior knowledge of it, so as not to have problems with the settings.


Within the workshop we cover both telephone and wide angle ends. It is recommended to get large angles (14 to 20 mm) for the entire night landscape. And an average telephoto (70 to 400 mm) for all the fauna that may occur during the development of the workshop. GIVEN TO THE ACTIVITY OF THE BOREAL AURORAS THE WIDE ANGLE IS CONSIDERED INDISPENSABLE.

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Because it is high season, services must be anticipated well in advance. In case of cancellation by the participant, the payment will not be refundable. It can be transferable with an administrative charge of 20%, all this up to 15 days before the event.

If the event were canceled due to causes beyond our control, such as adverse weather issues or insecurity events at the location, the workshop date will be re-scheduled to a convenient date for both parties.



Iceland is one of my favorite countries, it is a really exciting place, to be able to photograph imposing mountains, glaciers, icebergs, ice caves, geysers, diamonds in the black sand was impressive.


Iceland definitely has unique landscapes, the waterfalls are not far behind, they are shocking and make us see the powerful nature and the cherry of the cake are the northern lights a unique show in the world one does not know what they really are until you see them and Thanks to the workshop, especially Master Alfredo, I was able to photograph my first auroras.


The selection of hotels was in really beautiful places, too smart to be close to the locations or even to be in the location, I mean leave your room and see auroras in a place with a great landscape. The places they took us to were really incredible and essential.


This workshop is tops! Safety pin!!!



Photographic experience on another level

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